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Thanks for stopping by!

Welcome to my website & for joining me on this business venture. I'm thoroughly excited when I hear a colleague or anyone else wanting to start a business. 

My background has been in psychology as an undergraduate at Fairleigh Dickinson University. I was also a part of the counseling program at Caldwell University. I have years of experience in customer relations, sales, & marketing tactics.

I decided to take time away from school to focus on digital marketing, so I founded Well-Rounded Studios to participate in this competitive market. I am completely self-taught in SEO, social media algorithms, & with the Wix Site Builder.

I love helping people, I love contributing to the outcome of a particular event; nothing can replace that "we did that" feeling. I wanted to divert more of my time & energy into this because I've known too many people who are trying to grow their presence online but not have the right mentors or tools by their side.

What we do here is deeper than just business as usual. Our business strives when our partners strive. There is no other business model more fair & rewarding where your success is dependent on the success of others. 

In my time outside of Well-Rounded Studios, I like to exercise, read books, take online courses, & spending time with friends. Huge Star Wars nerd.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect! :)

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