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Hire A Professional SEO Specialist For Content Writing | Monthly Subscription Options

Do I need an SEO Specialist?

The answer is OF COURSE.

Hire A Professional SEO Specialist To Write Content & Blogs For Your Website. Become #1 on Google with a simple monthly subscription.

And here's why:

Both a business & a website is a lot to manage on one's already busy plate.

Finding customers is hard, keeping them is even harder.

Leave both to us.

The time you spend on marketing is time you could have spent improving your business.

Join us to improve your SEO & create content you are proud of. We have 4 monthly plans to choose from.

Content Writing & SEO is king for any online website.

But who reads whole blogs anyway?

It's not the blogs themselves that matter, it's the keywords that do.

According to Hubspot, blogging is one of the best ways to connect with audiences online.

The key component of SEO is for users to find exactly word by word what they are looking for when they type in the search bar.

And if you think like a consumer, finding exactly what you need in the shortest amount of time will separate the sites that get clicked on Google & the sites that don't.

In fact, here's 10 reasons why you need a blog:

1. Increases Website Visibility. Match Search Intent.

-The more pages & blog posts your website has, the more likely it'll rank for keywords people search on Google. Google will ensure the relevant pages of your website matches the search intent of users.

2. Improves SEO Rating.

-An accumulation of blog posts with relevant keywords makes it easier for the people that want your product or service to find you.

3. Position Yourself As An Industry Expert.

- Posts about topics in your industry not only differentiate you from your competitors but also highlight one's industry-leading knowledge & opinions.

4. Give Value To Prospects/Existing Clients.

- A blog post written helps give site users the information they sought after; a target audience of people get engaged, educated, & build a relationship to the site/business.

5. Shows You Care About Your Site.

- You treat your website like your home or office. When you have guests come over, you want them to have a good enough impression for them to want to come back. Blog posts show the continued interest you have for your industry & how your website reflects your interest.

6. Every Post Is Also A Landing Page For Leads/Sales.

- Every blog post is an opportunity to generate a lead or sell a product. Your goal is to grow your business right? Blog posts are a form of marketing that builds brand awareness & converting users with specific search intent.

7. Helps To Self-Promote Brand Image.

- Every blog post is an opportunity for the business to highlight their brand via links to profile/about pages or to products/services pages.

8. Help Promote Other Businesses.

-Other people can guest post on your website in exchange for a link back to their site. A win-win!

9. Learn Relevant Content Related To The Industry.

-Creating credible blog posts requires research. New material can be learned in the pursuit of factual information benefiting both consumers & businesses.

10. Feedback From Engaged Readers.

-Readers may contact the business directly for feedback or suggestions. This suggests the content is good.

Blog writing will help your website get the traffic it deserves.

Here is some of our sample work & what to expect.

Not sure which plan to pick? Feel free to contact us at the button below!

Feel free to loop back to learn more about me.

Book a job with me on Fiverr! Click Below For SEO or Blog Help.

Book a job with me on fiverr for seo or blog help.

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